DoD controls and manages invasive species in accordance with individual plans governing each installation or base. The goals of DoD's Invasive Species Management Program are prevention, control of invasive species on military installations, and restoration using native plants. There is a need for the DoD to control and prevent further invasion by non-indigenous species (such as invasive ants, insects, grasses, etc.). 

SERDP and ESTCP projects improve the management of invasive species to reduce the following impacts on military operations: 

  • Invasive species may possess physical characteristics that can directly limit training activities. 

  • Expansion of invasive species populations may negate realistic conditions for training or testing operations and lead to habitat destruction. 

  • Invasive species and the biosecurity measures required for their control can slow or hinder strategic mobility. 

  • Operations to detect and control invasive species detract from other mission activities.